Lifejacket Solas

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Martek Life jackets are designed for swimmers and non-swimmers to use in rough weather waters. Tightness is supported with additional belt. Can be used onboard not only vessels for inland waters but also on vessel with unlimited voyages. Buoyancy is provided by closed cell polyethylene foams.High visible orange colour fabric. SOLAS graded(Wheelmark) according to the directive of 96/98/EC . Designed to fit persons weighting up to 140 kgs and with chest grip of up to 1750mm.Fully in accordance with IMO MSC 81(70) as amnnended with MSC 200(80) and MSC 48(66) as ammended with 207(81) Martek M02600 life jacket advised to be used with M02515 or MO2516 Martek life jacket lights.

M02600 Can Yeleği

M02600 Martek Adult Lifejacket , SOLAS

M02550 Can Yeleği

M02550 Martek Child Lifejacket, SOLAS

M02540 Can Yeleği

M02540 Infant Lifejacket , SOLAS

M02515 Otomatik Can Yeleği Işığı

M02515 Automatic / M02516 Manuel
Life Jacket Light

M02400 Can Yeleği